How to make Chinese Fried Rice | Recipe

Chinese Fried Rice







Chinese Fried Rice is one of flavorful rice dish that you can present with various sauces and alone also. It goes awesome in all structures. Attempt this simple formula when you will cook it the fragrance spread around will increase your family hunger.


  • Chicken 250g (daintily cut)
  • Vegetable oil 2 tbsp
  • Soya sauce 2 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Eggs 2
  • Onion 1 (diced)
  • Red chime pepper 1 (hacked)
  • Peas ½ cup (bubbled)
  • Carrot ½ cup (finely hacked)
  • Boiled rice 2 mugs
  • Green onion 2 (cut)
  • Shellfish sauce 1 tsp

Preparation Method of Chinese Fried Rice

  • Marinade chicken with 2 drops of oil, ½ tsp soya sauce and to taste salt.
  • Heat a nonstick pan and include eggs. Cook until done. Break cooked eggs into pieces and move in a plate.
  • Heat 1 tbsp oil in a vast skillet and sear onion until translucent. Expel from pan.
  • Include remaining oil in skillet; include chicken and cook until half-done then include ringer pepper, peas and carrot. Cook until chicken delicate totally and vegetables beginning to get delicate.
  • Then exchange boiled rice, green onion, clam sauce and remaining soya sauce. Mix to join.
  • Include cooked onion and fried eggs. Hurl delicately. At the point when everything blend totally serve instantly.
  • You can adjust flavoring as indicated by your taste subsequent to including rice.
  • Enjoy the Chinese Fried Rice with your family.
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