How to make Eggless French Toast | Recipe

Individuals affection to eat French toast, however there are numerous individuals who don’t like for egg. So this formula is for those individuals in light of the fact that no egg in this formula. Must attempt this Eggless French Toast and appreciate in breakfast.


  • Milk ½ cup (bubbled)
  • Bread cuts 4
  • Vanilla custard powder 2 tbsp
  • Sugar 2 tbsp
  • Spread/oil for fry

Preparation method of Eggless French Toast

  • In a boule blend custard powder and sugar in bubbled milk.
  • Oil a non-stick skillet with butter or oil. Plunge bread cut rapidly in milk blend from both side and broil it until brilliant cocoa from both sides.
  • Enjoy the Eggless French Toast in breakfast.
  • Note: in the event that you don’t have custard powder replaces it with corn flour and ½ tsp vanilla substance.
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