How to make Fruit Sandesh | Recipe


The Fruit Sandesh is certain to send lively flags of enjoyment to your cerebrum! A rich sandesh finished with hand crafted orange sauce and a variety of natural products, this pastry is a mixture of all your most loved things. The presentation is exciting to the point that everyone, including children, will definitely try it out – and fall head over heels in affection with it as well.


  • Low Fat Paneer-200 gm.
  • Jaggery-3 tbsp.
  • Low Fat Milk-2 tbsp.
  • Pomegranate – ½ container
  • Grapes, opening and deseeded-5-6
  • Fresh Orange Juice-½ glass
  • Cornflour-½ tbsp.
  • Lemon-1

Preparation method of Fruit Sandesh

  • Mix low fat curds, Jiggery and low fat drain together and make into a Granular blend..
  • Blend pomegranate and arranged blend in a dish and place on a plate over Butter paper.
  • Keep in cooler for some time. Bubble squeezed orange and lemon juice in a sauce skillet.
  • Add corn flour to the bubbling juices, blend persistently to maintain a strategic distance from knots.
  • Grapes, opening and deseeded-5-6
  • Cook till smooth and thick, orange sauce is prepared.
  • Season sandesh with grapes and orange sauce.
  • Natural product sandesh is prepared to serve.
  • Serve chilled.
  • Enjoy with  Fruit Sandesh with your family.
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