How to make Fruit Sandwich | Recipe

Fruit Sandwich

Sandwich is well known worldwide and eat in various stuffing. This is the formula of fruit sandwich calm solid and heavenly. You can increase products according to your favorite.


  • Bread slices 8
  • Spread ½ slices
  • Pineapple jam ½ slices
  • Banana 2 (cut)
  • Pomegranate seeds 4 tbsp
  • Apple 1 (ground)
  • Strawberries 6 (slices)
  • Dark salt as to taste
  • Chaat masala 1 tsp
  • Dark pepper powder 1 tsp

Preparation method

  • Cut the outside layer of bread slices.
  • Apply butter on 4 bread cut and pineapple jam on other 4 bread cuts.
  • Put banana slice, pomegranate seeds, apple, and strawberry cut on butter bread cut.
  • Sprinkle black salt, chaat masala and black pepper powder.
  • Enjoy the fruit sandwich with your family.
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