Mishti Doi | Recipe : How to make

It is a famous and the most popular Bengali desserts. Easy to look however rich in taste. Mishti Doi is very unique in comparison of other desserts. It is an extremely great dish and can be effortlessly made at home.


  • Milk -2 cups
  • Curd -3 to 4 tbsp
  • Sugar -1 cup
  • Earthen pots (handi) for dahi-making

Preparation Method

  • In a frying pan, heat up the milk on a medium fire till it has decrease to half its original volume.
  • Continue mixing irregularly to keep the milk from scorching. Once it has done, let the milk cool to a tepid temperature.
  • In the interim, put the sugar in a different container and warmth it over a low fire till it has dissolved. Permit the sugar to turn cocoa in shading.
  • Next, Include the reduce milk to this caramelized sugar and blend well till they have mixed.
  • After that, include some dahi to the mixture and mix gently to blend.
  • Next, pour this blend into a handi and keep in a warm, darj spot (where sun’s rays not come) for the Mishti Doi to set.
  • At the point when the Mishti Doi has set (it takes a couple of hours), refrigerate it for a couple of hours and afterward serve.
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