How to make Rudolph Cones | Recipe


Rudolph Sweet Cones Recipe

Rudolph Cones loaded down with your most loved sweet, nuts, dessert or pop corns are awesome to serve in an extraordinary event.


  • Chocolate waffle cones 6
  • Softened chocolate or candy melts 1-2 ounces
  • Kind sized Candy eyes 12
  • Candy horns 12
  • Round red candies 6 big

Preparation Method

  • Append 2 kind sized candy eyes and 2 candy antlers to every waffle cone with help of melted chocolate.
  • At that point join a major red candy nose to the tip of every waffle cone.
  • To keep the cones from moving around while the chocolate dries, set two more candies on either side of the red nose. When dry, uproot the candies.
  • Load with your most loved candy, popcorn, nuts, or frozen yogurt and Serve.
  • Enjoy the Rudolph Cones with your children.
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